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Are you looking to buy real estate in Finland?

Good decision! To buy a home of your own is a walk in the park and generally a smart move financially! But only if you know how to do it.

There is a significant amount of laws and regulations that apply. And even if you do know them all, there is still a lot of things to take into account when making such a decision. All the crucial information is almost always written somewhere, but you should be able to read between the lines, too!

To be honest, most home buyers face some (if not all) of the following problems:

  • Lack of understanding the legislation

  • Lack of understanding the documents of the housing company

  • Incompetence to crush the numbers of the balance sheet

  • Ignorance in reasonable pricing levels

  • Terminology

  • ...

In principle, a realtor is usually hired by the seller. Although in Finland the realtor is obligated by law to take care of the buyer’s interest as well as the seller’s, it is the seller who pays the fee. However, by hiring an OUN you get yourself an unbiased, independent person to help you to take that walk in the park!


OUN provides you an experienced professional who holds a proficiency of a licensed real estate agent. A professional who is working for you only, without any connections or relations to any real estate or construction company. Or bank. Or any other stakeholder. Just you, the buyer.


We will...

  • scrutinize all the documentation, known history, and probable future of the housing company

  • evaluate the “right price” comparing comparable apartment’s prices by investigating real-life professional statistics.

  • walk you through the bidding.

  • answer any questions or doubts you have regarding purchasin real estate.

  • help you save time, money, and your nerves!

You can see our service offering below. However, we want to help you in exactly what you need help in. No BS, sort of saying. So tell us where you stand, what you need, and how you would like to get started and we tailor you the best entirety to make you close the deal of your upcoming dream home. Get free sparring and advice on how to move forward by contacting us through phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, chat, or the form below. We hear you and you hear us, and then we decide together how we get you on the right rails!

Still looking for your dream home? Get a buyer's agent!

The service includes:

  • Guidance and advice throughout the process

  • Help in defining the criteria of your dream home and searching for suitable publicly listed homes

  • Thorough analysis of max three homes, including:

    • Report on the housing company situation (finances, condition, management, future)

    • Report on the area and apartment price level

    • Going through the reports together

  • Help with bidding and any related documents

The cost of this service, 390€, is only 0,15% of the price of an average one bedroom apartment in the central region. You will be billed after service delivery.

Already found your dream home? Let us help check it!

The service includes:

  • Thorought report on the housing company situation (finances, condition, management, future)

  • Report on the area and apartment price level, help in defining a suitable price
  • A call where we go through the reports together

  • Delivery within a day, often within a few hours!

The cost of this service, 95€, is only 0,04% of the price of an average one bedroom apartment in the central region. You will be billed after service delivery.

Vlad & Olena

To be honest, now we can't imagine how we'd have bought an apartment without your help. Even though the internet is full of articles on the real estate topic, the industry still has a lot of different finer points you can't even imagine. Beyond all doubt, your participation helped us a lot in making the right decision, examine important documents, and saved us a lot of nerves and money. In this way, we ensured that there was a person who is unbiased and can evaluate the deal with a cool head.”   

Viivi & Niko

"We didn't have any experience to buy a home, so it was very difficult to read the information on the papers only. Because of the guidance received, we were able to stay sane when making so far the biggest investment of our lives, a home of our own. That alone made this service worthwhile. We absolutely recommend this service to every home buyer (and to ourselves when it's time to buy our next home). We give a rating of 10 for the service! Without you, we would still be in our rented home, watching the apartments go by! ”


"I have searched for a lot of information on the web by myself, but sometimes it's hard to know what's relevant and what is not, what is reasonable and what is not. The most important value in your service has definitely been the assessment and clarification of the housing company's situation - sometimes from very confusing documents, as well as reviewing of past / future renovations. I recommend this service, I have already received a lot of really valuable and unbiased information, which has increased my understanding a lot."

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